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Precision Matched Power Tubes

Accurate power tube matching can minimize the risk of early tube failure and maximize power tube performance in your amp. All our precision matched power tubes are:

  1. Ordered from the most desirable test results range from the manufactuer
  2. Tested with Amplitrex AT1000 testers at typical operating conditions and matched for both current draw (mA) and transconductance (Gm) (more info)
  3. Run under load in a custom test fixture that can match your operating conditions (more info)
A note from Tyler on processing new production power tubes:

At TC Tubes, we avoid most quality control issues with new production power tubes by ordering tubes that are tested and matched by the manufacturer. This costs us more on the front end but I don't get the rejects that the manufacturer screens out. This also allows me to specify the range of test results for each order, so I receive tubes that are in the most desirable range.

I don't rely on the manufacturer's matching. I then retest those tubes and match them into sets using my own methods. In the end, I run the tube sets under the operating conditions they will be seeing in the amplifier that the customer has, if known, to verify that they are matched at those voltages before shipping.

If I see problems with tubes as I go through this process I simply return the faulty tube. This method is time intensive, but as a result I don't get hardly any customer returns on power tubes.

Most tube resellers will buy the tubes in larger quantities and in untested condition. They will end up with a range from about 70% to over 200% of expected values. I will not play that game anymore. Too many rejects for the factory to take back. Paying for screening on the front end saves me time and hassle in the end.

My customers get tubes screened three times (once by the manufacturer, once in my initial tests on the AT1000 testers, and finally in a matching fixture at actual operating voltages for end user's application) and much better matched than otherwise possible.

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Svetlana SED "Winged C" 6550C - precision matched
Price: $89.00
Svetlana SED "Winged C" 6550C - precision matched
These Svetlana 6550C tubes were made in St. Petersburg in the early 2000s. The gold print on the glass has the "Winged C" Svetlana Electron Devices (SED) logo. Price includes burn-in and standard matching service.
Valve Art 6550A
Valve Art 6550A - precision matched
Price: $49.00
Valve Art 6550A - precision matched
These Valve Art 6550A tubes have top and side getters with lots of flashing, with a similar look as the vintage GE 6550A tubes. The gold print on the glass has the Valve Art logo and reads "6550A O & J CHINA." Price includes burn-in and matching service.
Vintage Svetlana 6550B-3
Vintage Svetlana 6550B-3 "clear top" - precision matched
Price: $69.00
Vintage Svetlana 6550B-3 "clear top" - precision matched
These distinctive early 1990s Svetlana 6550B-3 tubes have side getters with no flashing on the top or sides. They were made at the SED SPb factory in St. Petersburg. Price includes extended burn-in and precision matching.
TC Tubes specializes in precision testing and matching of vintage and new production vacuum tubes for guitar & bass players, audiophiles, and DIY tube audio enthusiasts. Our website features secure payment options and fast, convenient shipping around the world.

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