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8 pin teflon tube socket - James Audio design

8 pin teflon tube socket - James Audio design
8 pin teflon tube socket - James Audio design8 pin teflon tube socket - James Audio design
Price: $39.99
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Item Number: 289
Manufacturer: James
James AudioThese 8-pin tube sockets by James Audio are carved out of a large block of teflon with "JS" imprinted on the underside. The gold-plated pin connectors are very sturdy and easily serviced. Pins are made of phosphorus copper and gold plated. These are every bit as good as the Yamamoto sockets but at a lower price.

There is no need for clumsy clasps or other hardware. Simply mount the socket directly to the chassis using the continuous teflon provisions built into the socket. The top surface of the tube socket is about 1/8" raised from the mounting surface which is perfect for use on 1/8" plates of aluminum when mounted from the underside.
The pin connectors can be serviced using a flat head screw driver on one end and a pliers or small wrench to remove the nut from the other end. Then the pin connector is screwed out of the socket from the top. Simply adjust it and reinstall should it ever loosen up. (I have never had one loosen up on me yet but it's nice to know it's repairable just in case.)
These are sold individually.
The distance from center to center for the mounting holes is 1 1/2" and the diameter of the hole for the socket is 1 1/8".
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